Marfa, Texas

Sometimes being in one place for too long can get a little mundane, even when living in the great city of Austin. I love to travel often, even if it isn't far, to gain new inspiration and a fresh perspective. My most recent adventrue was to Marfa, Texas. The small, two-block town provides opportunities for all kinds of adventures that you would never expect. Upon arrival, which happened to be around 11 PM, we searched for any open eatery. We came across Thunderbird Motel which had an upscale bar/restaurant called The Capri. The mexican cusine was exceptional and the upscale aesthetic of the space really tied it all together. After an amazing dinner, my friends and I headed to our camping grounds. That's right! If you want to do Marfa right, you HAVE to stay at El Cosmico. The "glamping" they provide is really one of a kind and allows you to truely embrace the beauty of the Marfa Plateau. At night the stars are brighter than ever and during the day the view of the mountains never gets old. El Cosmico really gives you everything you need to enjoy your stay in Marfa. This small town has also accumulated quite a bit of traction because of its abundance of amazing art. The Chinati Foundation is an amazing place to stop at and enjoy. Right next door you can find yourslef some amazing Mediterrainian food at Stellina. Just look for the white building with bright blue doors. I hope this all will act as a mini guidebook to highlight just a few of the marvelous activities there are to do in the town of Marfa Texas!